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Caisse Formula Tea - Compare Directions for Use

The method of preparation for copycat products involves a very complicated 2 day preparation time. In our opinion, these directions have been retained in order to perpetuate the copycats' “myth”. 

The Native Canadians who gave Rene the “recipe” did not have stainless steel pots, sterilized brown bottles, refrigerators, scales or measuring containers. Rene developed the method of preparation and since the raw materials she was using were “chopped pieces of leaves and roots”, she boiled the ingredients to extract the benefits. In addition, the liquid ‘tea” was easy to administer to her patients and, as the literature shows, she was experimenting with injection. Research has shown that, for at least  two of the herbal ingredients, boiling them will reduce their effectiveness by as much as 50%. It would seem that most of the goodness of this preparation is left in the sediment. 

None of these directions apply to Resperin’s method of preparation. Our herbs are dried and milled into a medium fine powder, exactly the same as the copycats' powder. However, you maximize the effect  by using warm water to introduce the herbs to the system as opposed to “cold” copycats.  Resperin’s Caisse formula blend of herbs is used to directly brew the tea one cup at a time and the tea is consumed while warm. No boiling, no straining, no two days to make a batch, no refrigerator, no sterile bottles, no waste, much higher potency.

This method of preparation is being used for making various teas by some of the finest herbalists in the world. It guarantees that you are getting 100% of the potency of the herbs with no wastage and minimal preparation time.

If you feel strongly that the old method of preparation that included the boiling and straining process is what you want to do, this product will allow for that and will make 3 batches.  Instructions for this are included with each bottle.

PLEASE NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Resperin™ Canada Limited is the legal successor to the Resperin Corporation and is
the only company that can document receipt of Nurse René Caisse's original formulation.

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